BBD Translation

If you’re having trouble understanding some of the LINGO in these posts, you’re not alone. I hardly understand myself half the time.

For this reason I am making a translation page for all you winners out there that can’t think like a crazy person.

Now, I have a terrible problem with homonyms. Meaning I get them confused.  And it’s not my fault English is confusing. Come on English! What the heck is wrong with you?! Rain and Reign? Their, there and they’re?! No and Know?! It’s annoying and confusing to me.  So if you encounter something that you don’t understand as a result of homonymal confusion just listen to the sentence out loud and forgive my mistake. I should have been french.

I have a baby. I know, right? Half my entries are about Clare. Did I really think you missed that. Anyway, I am trying to swear less. Normally I would think that legalistic but I had an incident where I said a terrible swear in front of my nephew at a family gathering and am trying very hard not to repeat said incident. I therefore replace classic swears with other words. Here are the standard cusses.

Hooha = Hell

Ding a ling ding dong = Damn

Shiznit = Shit

I’m still working on one for ass.

Well there you have it. Your basic training for reading and comprehending Bed By Day. Now all you have to do is make sure not to say hooha in front of your friends.  They’ll never let you live it down.  Trust me.




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