Don’t Leave The House Without…

Nevermind. Just don’t leave the house.

I’m kidding of course. I love leaving the house for a little while every day. It’s good for both Clare and I.

My sweet girl happily drawing by herself.

I’m not gonna lie. Before I had Clare I could stay inside and not worry about what humans outside my small world were doing. I could cuddle up on a snow day and relax.

Now that I have Clare I’m scared to death of staying at home all day. What am I going to do with you ALL DAY?! I’ve never been so intimidated by play my whole life.

Anyway, when I start feeling a little zombie like or maybe just start twitching mildly I leave. It doesn’t matter where. Yesterday we walked through the snow to get a pack of gummy treats. Tomorrow it might be the library.

Well today I went to the fabric store. Big mistake. Don’t ever go to the fabric store during the middle of the day. In fact don’t go to any store in the middle of the day. Don’t leave your house during the middle of the day. This is not the time to quench your insatiable desire for adult human contact.

Why you ask? Because there are the worst behaved screaming children everywhere. SCREAMING. HUNDREDS OF SCREAMING CHILDREN. And Clare being the wonderfully observant child that she is was staring wide eyed and soaking it all in.

I actually thought to myself, “Who brings their child out at lunch/nap time?” then Clare looked up at me and yawned and asked for another cracker.

I tried to tell her that that kid didn’t know that you are just supposed to sing songs or  play games when you get upset or board. Then the kid yelled shut up to her mother! It was like every family in that store needed Super Nanny? Is this what happens? Is my wonderful child going to become a demon in only a few years?

I remember being a kid that age. I actually remember throwing fits on purpose.

There has to be a better way.

Lord help us.


3 responses

  1. I read your whole post with great interest. I think it raises lots of questions, such as do children learn to misbehave in the fabric store from other children? Hmmm?
    But like Tara, I really can’t get past the picture of Clare drawing with that little crayon. So dear and cute.

  2. Oh man Val, I can’t stop laughingI feel the exact same way! Willow is so well behaved that I sometimes feel high and mighty for having an awesome kid. Then I stop myself and apologize to universe cause I’m pretty sure its thoughts like that, that inevitably proceed horrible angry melt downs! My family is very Navy, and we were expected to behave in public. No if, ands, or buts, so I simply assume that my kids will behave the same way. I can’t imagine what my parents would have done if I told them to shut up. Glad to know I’m not the only one shocked by mouthy kids!

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