Bed Time

This Christmas Andrew and I got Clare a doll bed.

Andrew wondered if it was a good idea thinking of all her other toys that she had already outgrown or become uninterested with. I thought it was an interesting question and responded with, “She’ll love it.” and a flippant hand wave as if to swat away his ridiculous concern.

Truth is, I wanted to buy her a doll bed.

But I thought about it and we talked about it and decided that the doll bed would provide hours of imaginative play for years to come and went for the big 20 dollar purchase. Yay! Big spenders.

Well, Clare loves it.

When she wakes up and I take her out of HER bed she automatically goes into her doll bed.

We didn’t really expect her to get IN the bed. Nor did we expect that if she did in fact get in the bed that it would hold her weight and all her doll’s weigh as well.

She certainly doesn’t like her own bed this much and I do find it rather strange that every time she puts one of her dolls to sleep she shoves their face down into the bed and holds it there. No kisses or songs or hugs only the insistence of sleep and a good face smother into the mattress.


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