Clare OpEd: Snow

I’m not one to abuse leisure. In fact it is quite foreign to me. Mommy and Dada are always groaning in the morning when I am poised and ready to attack the day with vigor and gusto and a cheerful spirit. It almost seems as if they are walking around asleep until they drink an entire cup of that foul smelling liquid.

And I approach everything in my life this way, with the great anticipation and excitement for what new thing I can experience and learn. I consider this a discipline. Those two lazy bums don’t seem to have any discipline at all. All they want to do with me is have “fun” when I’d like simply to take a brisk walk around the block, breathing in the cold crisp air and feeling the winter wind whip across my face.

Seriously, I shudder to think what they would get done around here without me.

Recently Mommy introduced me to something called SNOW.

As an admirer of science I figured the best way to understand this new substance was to first touch it then taste it.

I found the coldness invigorating and it’s ability to hydrate me satisfactory but it’s taste was reminiscent of dirt and I think…possibly urine.

Overall, SNOW was, in one word, thrilling…though very difficult to walk in.

Mommy quickly brought me back inside insisting that I was cold and though I tried to convince her multiple times that day to return outdoors, appealing to her that it would benefit my respiratory system immensely, she only said, “Maybe tomorrow.”



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