Food on the Floor

We’ve been trying to teach Clare not to leaver her food on the floor.

Why would she even have that option you ask?

Well, I’m a snacker. Always have been. So it’s completely natural for me to eat about 6 or 7 small meals a day. Andrew thinks I’m nuts. (no seriously…nuts are good) And I feed Clare the same way I eat. We eat three balanced meals and three not so balanced snacks.

Recently Clare’s been really into apples mostly because she can finally say the word. I can’t blame her. I’m just as excited she says, “AAApp -eh” as she is.

So I give her an apple and she takes it around the house nibbling as she goes and loving every minute. Not so bad for me either considering it buys me enough time to do some dinner prep which I haven’t done since she was born…gonna be honest there.

The only problem is that she leaves it everywhere and mice love our home so…

So we decided to try and reinforce some good manners and teach her to either give her apple to us when she is done or put it on an elevated surface to save it for later. I gave her the example of a chair.

a dress I made for her. Yes. I'm bragging.

Well, a couple days ago I gave Clare an apple and we both went about our own business and ignored each other. But when I saw her again I saw no apple.

“AH! Where’s your apple?!” I said.

We scouted all over the house looking for it calling, “AAAAApple!” We couldn’t find it.

Later I noticed Clare had miraculously found her apple but when I went to join her in our daily dance party the apple was missing again.

I let Clare do some solo twirling as I ventured once again to find this disappearing apple only to spot it in the very place I had told her to put it.

And that is now where she puts all food she wants to save for later – apples, half-chewed cheese, sippy cups, a 1/4 cookie…anything.

I feel bad for the person who gets the slimy chair when they come to dinner. But I am ridiculously proud of my girl. Next time I just have to think through my strategy before I execute it.


One response

  1. isn’t it wild how intelligent our kids are? I almost ALWAYS underestimate how much and how accurately Liam understands things, only to discover that he knows more and is capable of more than he lets on. oh, the cleverness of him… and Clare too.

    I’m proud of you for teaching her this valuable lesson, and will be glad to come sit on your sticky chairs any day 🙂

    on a side note, I really feel she and Liam would get on splendidly together… or would at least be tidy with their food together(only I didn’t think to *teach* him that–I guess the lad was just trying to help me out–but that’s almost besides the point).

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