Tea Parties, Hats, and lots of PINK

When you find out you’re expecting a girl you overdue it. First thing you do is go to McDonald’s and order a strawberry milkshake (PINK) to celebrate. Then you head home only to stop at a store and buy ten items that are entirely PINK.  You go home and paint the nursery PINK.

Then at your next appointment you find out your PINK should have been BLUE.

Just kidding.

I love the way they play together.

But seriously. I overdid it. I told myself that I wouldn’t buy a whole bunch of pink crap cause my daughter would wear blue and purple and green and red and orange and yellow and black…cause…you know…babies wear black right? Then I went out and bought a million impractical dresses and dolls and stuffed animals that were PINK. I bought ballet slippers. I bought books about redheaded girls and ballerinas and teddy bears.

See what I mean?

Andrew said, “What if she likes Karate?”.

“Fine. That’s fine.” I replied. “But isn’t this tutu cute?”

It’s funny now, Clare loves tutus and dancing and feeding her dolls and having tea parties with her Grannie. She loves hats and jewelry and clips and headbands and flowers and hearts and…everything girl.

I wonder why.

PS Have you overdone it?



5 responses

  1. I did not Everyone else on the other hand no matter how gently or not we reminded them that she already have A LOT of pink and that she looks lovely in blue nad green and purple and red and orange and black (yes babys wear black I bought it) we keep getting pink and wouldn’t you know it she loves ballet and pink and dolls and tea parties and so we keep getting more.

  2. I feel like I need to post a picture to show just how badly I over did it, but like Claire, my Piper is all things girl. Pink Pink and more Pink.

    Have you introduced Claire to Pinkalicious?

  3. its funny how motherhood humbles you. when I found out She was coming I totally embraced it–she’ll be all pink, ribbons, lace, and bows.

    maybe is cause she’s only 4 months old, and I have been given 99% of her clothes, but she wears lots of purple and blue, white and red, orange and green. she even has HAIR and I haven’t done hardly anything with it until like 2 weeks ago.

    so much for my grandious plans… oh wait, she’s only 4 months old. I have time to overdo it 🙂

  4. My boys had a blast playing with the doll houses and castles I bought for my nieces for Christmas. They also spent a good portion of the day yesterday playing with Jack’s “baby.” But that is not because I didn’t SO over do it on making them boys. I just wanted to say that eventually she will try some boys stuff to 🙂 Though I think my dad is still waiting for that day with his 4 daughters. Thankfully God gave him a son 🙂

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