What Is This Birth Day?

Food-lady and Dad were acting really strange the other day.

I woke up just like any other day – yelling as loud as possible… duh. It’s the only way I can wake those two up. (It’s like I’m living with newborns here. gah.)

But today as I drank my bottle I noticed they kept staring at me and smiling. Usually they rub their eyes and groan or go back to sleep. My parents are so weird.

Yeah, so then they were all eager for me to go into the room-where-they-keep-all-the-good-toys. Then they kept shoving these weird bags with pink toilet paper sticking out the top at me and smiling more.

And they kept pointing that black thing with the eye that blinks at me and laughing and then shoving more bags in my face. Then I realized there was cool stuff in the bags and they kept coming. I figured they wanted me to weed out the ones I didn’t like so I just started grabbing stuff and throwing it over my shoulder.

They kept laughing. I don’t think they understand how seriously selective I am with my toys.

Then there was that song that everyone kept singing. I don’t understand what a “Bird Day” is and why it’s happy. And how did the person who wrote that song know my name? Man…they kept singing it over and over and over…all…day…long.

More smiling. Hugging. Then Food-lady started crying. For being the Food-lady I don’t think she gets enough of her own medicine.

Then we went to Grannie’s house. That was fun. Except the part where people kept staring at me and crying. Does anyone EAT around here?!

I got to spend some time with Uncle Beardy. He’s funny. Mostly I just like to touch his eye.

Then Food-lady made me go to this place where they had an old dog that I could jump on and I could put anything in my mouth I wanted except for the baby that Food-lady was holding. They wouldn’t let me touch her eye either.

Then I fell asleep in the car because all I’d had to eat all day were different types of cookies.

Hopefully this kind of day won’t happen again any time soon.


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