Pictureless. Wordless

So…recently, Clare has been a freakin’ sponge.

She sucks up every little tid bit I tell her as if she were starving for knowledge. No seriously…if knowledge were food Clare would be a half pound weakling and not because of an inability to learn but rather because I thought I had more time. So instead working on shapes and what not we played with dolls and laughed and sang songs and imagined.

Then I realized Clare was bored. She wasn’t satisfied with what I was giving her.

I had to do more if I was going to keep her in a good mood.

I started teaching her sign language.

She knows “Thank you”, “Please”, “More”, “Food” and “All done”. I tell you I would do anything for that girl if she says “thank you” in sign language. I’m officially at the end of my sign language knowledge.

But she also knows all her body parts and most animal noises though she has gotten to the point where she is bored with certain animals and only mouths the sound.

And words my friend. This girl is a big old talker. Lots of “Badebadeebadee…” but also word association.

Her first word was “Pop”. I suppose that means we’re going to have an old man for our next child. 🙂 (That was a joke…see? I’m funny.) Now whenever she sees a man with gray hair in a picture she says “Pop pop pop pop pop”.

Her first official word was “Hat”. One day she got some pants and put them on her head and said, “Hat” as clear as day. I was so happy with her that she hasn’t done it since.

She also says “Mama” but not in reference to me. She calls her little baby doll Mama…This girl is going to be shocked when she learns the truth.

Her other words include:

Baba – Bottle

Boo – Book

Bap – Apple, also any fruit or pumpkins

Da – Daddy

Nana – Her stuffed dog from Ikea

Ba – Bruce, the ugliest stuffed dog known to man

Acha! – A chooo! … I don’t know. She does it every time I sneeze. Then she laughs at me

Nack – Snack

We are now attempting to learn shapes and colors. Reading, I feel, is not far off. I didn’t read until I was in 6th grade. Our similarities are dwindling.

If you have any bright ideas for our sponge babe smarty pants I would love to hear it.


5 responses

  1. what a wonderful experience–I’m so glad you shared. it must be so incredible to see her learn like that!

    I know it seems hoaky, but if you are serious about helping her learn to read soon(which is a great idea, I think), I really liked that “your baby can read” thing on TV. you get a TON of nice stuff, plus it works–especially for a child like Clare who WANTS to learn stuffs. I mean, you don’t NEED it to teach her, but it sure would make it easier. anyway…

    also, maybe try and channel her learning into musical areas. not just cause you are you, but because… why the heck not? songs, notes, rhythms, instruments–what could be more fun?!

  2. Hi! If you’re interested in some great signing videos, then check out Signing Time. They are wonderful and the story behind them is so touching. http://www.signingtime.com. We found them when I was browsing iPhone apps for signing to teach Danny. After that, we realized there is a whole world out there – you may be able to get them at your library. Daniel has seen every video at least twice and loves to sign now along with his words!

  3. I read this whole post and you know what stuck out the most: Your reference to your next child. I swear I hear you talk about that more and more lately…..anything you want to share? And, you are funny…..and a perfect mom!

  4. I think she made some sign language attempt when she was at our place the other day (or D’otherday as Jack says). Anyway, I couldn’t remember the signs so I ignored it.

    • Yeah, (though maybe I shouldn’t talk) it’s no fair teaching your kid languages the rest of us don’t know and then asking us to babysit!

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