Mouse Trap

Right now I’m sitting on my couch cringing. One corner of my lip looks as though it is sewn to my eyebrow and my forehead is literally knitting a sweater.

I just found mouse poop all up in my crochet basket.

I’m paralyzed. What do I do?!

I can’t wash that yarn or soak it in lysol.


These mice are taking over my life!

We found a couple mouse poopies a couple months back and immediately put out traps.

Well we caught 3.

1 was alive and 2 not so much alive.

I can’t keep doing this.

Andrew tells me that mice happen and that even clean and neat and orderly people get them…but let me tell you …pooping on my yarn is one step too far.

That is personal.

REAL personal.

You don’t just poop on a girl’s yarn! That’s not right.

I get your need to survive but that doesn’t mean I support your addiction to fine bedding. And why do you poop in your bedding?

I’m about to upchuck just thinking about the next place I’ll find their dodo.

I don’t feel so good.

I’m getting a cat.


6 responses

  1. Man, soo much for not crying this October. 😦
    I feel for you. We had mice in our first apartment and it totally gave me the ebby geebies… I would go stomping from room to room trying to scare them away before I got there.

    Hope you get your cat soon!!

  2. I feel ya sweetie. We live in the boondocks and every spring and fall (before tilling and after harvesting) we’d get a few field mice that found their way into our house. My hubby can’t stomach the thought of catching mice so it was left up to me to set traps. A couple years back it escaladed into rats finding their way in. I called an exterminator and within 4 days there were no more signs of life from the dirty vermon. The exterminator comes every 3 months for regular bug spraying around the house to keep away ants and other bugs. We’re now critter free and much happier!

  3. I feel your pain Val. The mice that made themselves at home in Erin and Donnie’s furniture while it was stored in our garage decided to move when they moved their stuff…into my laundry room. A cat is an excellent idea…Tilly never actually killed a mouse when she was alive (she was a very sensitive cat)…but the mice didn’t know that and they stayed away!

  4. We had some mice come into our basement at our last house. I never saw one, but it spooked me out. Thankfully my hubby was in charge of setting traps and such. We never saw them in the main floor or upstairs, and I just convinced myself they were only in our basement. I told them they had LOTS of room to live outside (we lived in a rural area with a lot of farmland around our house), and if they stayed out there I’d never try to hurt them, but if they come into MY house well that’s another story. I wanted to get a cat, but my hubby is very allergic to cats. That should do the trick for you, and Clare will probably love having a pet!

  5. Oooh, if anything pooped in my yarn stash I’d be so mad! I’m so sorry to hear this — I could send you some fresh skeins — I share yarn, especially in instances like this.

  6. I’m so sorry. I once found a baby mouse in my bed. I couldn’t sleep there for weeks.

    I’ve never done this so I can’t speak from experience but in one of my knitting books it gives instructions for washing yarn. “Fill a basin with warm water. If the yarn is dirty add soap or detergent but avoid creating lots of suds. Let the skeins soak, then lift them out of the water and squeeze gently. Run clean water into the basin (never run it directly onto wool or other animal fibers, because it may cause felting). Press the skeins down into the water and squeeze gently. Repeat until the water is clear, agitating as little as possible. Roll the yarn in a towel to remove excess moisture, stretch it out a bit to straighten out the strands, and drape it over a rack or line to dry.” – The Knitting Answer Book by Margaret Radcliffe

    It sounds like a lot of work to me but it might be worth it! I’d love to know how it goes if you try it.

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