Growing Up

Yesterday Clare and I had a visit from some friends.

Our kids are 25 days apart and we enjoy getting them together and acting like they enjoy it as much as we do and taking lots of pictures where they “hold hands”.

This was easy in the past, you know, cause they just laid there…

Well, both of our kids are now crawlers and Clare is threatening us with the big W so everyone was super mobile. Plus, somewhere in between 4 and 10 months they got wills of their own so when we asked them to pose for pictures they basically ignored us. Ding Dang kids!

This is attempt #1. Clare was much more interested in Katie than the camera…oh wait…I ACTUALLY mean that Clare tried to eat the camera and this is Katie holding her off. Ben was indifferent to my pleas for a smile.

Attempt #2. I like to call this one Trucks and Tutus.

Attempt #3. This is before ben decided to chuck the ball across the house. Seriously he’s going to be a quarterback….or is that cornerback…ugh! Something with football. Clare is looking for an item to put on Ben’s head or in his eye.

Attempt #4. And I have no idea where my child is.

In conclusion. Ben throws well. Ben loves everyone including Clare. Ben laughs at my joke(literally the only person). Clare is unimpressed with Ben. Clare plays Katie by snuggling and making her carry her around. Ben learns to play guitar while Clare climbs on guitar. Clare tries to feed Ben by jabbing a spoon in his eye.

Todays lesson: Guitars are not for climbing. Food, even the imaginary kind, goes in the mouth and not the ocular cavity. Our friends do not come complete with a diesel engine: they do not take us wherever we want to go. Learn to throw a ball. Schedule next visit.


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