As a parent you rarely leave your children alone…actually…never. That’s why parents are always slightly crazed.

I often say, “I found Clare like this…” as if I were off composing a symphony and got lost in my thoughts and discovered her but really I just mean, “While we were 2 inches from each other, I turned my back for a second and returned to find her like this…”

So last week I was brushing my teeth because, by goodness I’m going to brush my teeth people, and I turned around and Clare was not there.

I freaked only to realize she was here:

I still have no idea what she was working on.


2 responses

  1. probably a symphony.

    in other parts of my world, got a postcard that made me laugh, especially when I saw who it was from. what the heck?! haha, thanks friend. see you soon 🙂

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