Faithful Tears

My mom and I are both creative people.

I’ve always felt and understood that connection between us. As I mastered my skills I admired her ability to use her hands and make “something from nothing”. I see the same expression on my daughter’s face when I make a funny noise and she tries bravely to imitate it or as she carefully pinches an object between her two fingers, somewhat frustrated that it comes to me so easily.

I rarely talk about my faith on this blog. I’m not sure why. I know people will judge either way – if I don’t share, if I do. But today I am choosing to share.

Faith comes in waves. I am often frustrated with this. I get sick of riding the spiritual surfboard. One day I believe. I am one of the faithful. The next I do not – a cynic through and through. Similarly, creativity comes in waves. Days come when it seems that new things are pouring out of you and others arrive that knock you over and life absolutely drains every creative drop from you.

But the similarity is not just coincidence. It is a deep and profound connection. When we are creative we are reassured of God’s existence, of his goodness.

photo by Andrew Vaché

My mom called me yesterday, just too talk. She expressed her frustrations over editing her novel, Solomon’s Puzzle. She also expressed how strange it was to feel such emotion when reading the ending chapter despite the fact that she completed it 2 years ago.

I feel the same way when I finish a really good song. If it’s good, I can’t stop sobbing.

We all do that. How many of us keep crappy little drawings our children make. The bowl our friend made is so much more precious than all the others.

In this way I know that if we am emotionally connected our creations than I know that God must be also. He feels deeply for us and about us. He experiences life’s joys and triumphs, sorrows and depths with us. He must. Because he made us and loves us.

Creativity is as important to me as prayer. In this way I know that I will never stop writing no matter if I am ever successful at it or not. Creativity – the work it takes, the joy that it is – connects us to God.


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  1. I cut out snowflakes from tissue paper for Christmas decorations one year. Some were more intricate than others, but I couldn’t have picked one over another as being better or more loved. And that reminded me of God too. Creativity is the highest form of adoration and praise. 🙂

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