August Drought

Every Maryland summer, in my memory, has been dry – the only way plants get water is from the dense humidity in the air. All summers start out perfectly. They are wet and wonderful, giving my garden just enough water to product the greenest leaves and the biggest and most fragrant blooms.

Then July happens.

And the green soft grass turns to straw. The flowers wilt and their leaves change to yellow and brown getting more and more anorexic as each day passes. Then they tell us we can’t water our plants because the reservoirs are draining quickly and people need water to…you know… drink. Gah!

So the happy Maryland gardener submits to the powers that be and watches their luscious garden slowly die and waits for natures grand apology, which is Autumn.

Well here’s what 6 feet of snow can do for a garden:

This is our vegetable garden. The tomato plants are taller than me. You’d think they were weeds.

This is our HUGE brussel sprout plant. It’s 4 times as big as my head, which I must admit is sizable.

These are my very happy Black-eyed Susans. They are thriving in the heat.

I can’t believe I still have a garden. This must be how people in Michigan or Maine feel.


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