The Unending War: Naps

Does anyone remember when they were kids?  I know some of you are thinking, “I can’t remember anything before I was 18 and half that time I was drunk or in love or both so really nothing before 25 actually counts as a valid memory.”

Others of you are thinking, “I remember everything. I might even remember my birth. I’m just trying to suppress that one. Shoot! I just remembered! BLEH!”

I’m talking more specifically about naps.

Don’t you remember hating to take them? It was almost as if every day was your last and your mom calling you inside to take a nap while your other friends or siblings frolicked in the grass and sun was a prison sentence or maybe even the death penalty.

I hated naps.

Now…I LOVE naps. Seriously. If naps are a prison sentence, clap some cuffs around my wrists, give me some striped pants and chain me to the wall.

It doesn’t even matter if I’m tired. Give me a nap and I’ll take it.

As a mother, naps are essential for sanity. If you don’t have a break in the day it’s like working a 12 hour shift with no cigarette break.

Clare is just like I remember being as a kid. She wants to stay awake so badly. She will fight to the end to stay awake and really…why wouldn’t she think it was imprisonment? She sleeps in a padded cage with bars…

Now I’m not going to complain about my kids sleep schedule. I really don’t have anything to complain about but I’m just struck by the ongoing war between parents and children over sleep.

Why does this happen? WHY GOD?! WHY?!?! I keep trying to tell her that one day she will wish she could take two naps a day.

She doesn’t agree.

The other day she fought and fought against her nap and then fell asleep in her stroller. Yeah Clare. That’s got to be comfortable. I’m so glad you held out for that one Clare…


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