Allergic to Books

Andrew and I are both kind of allergic to books. Not the dust. Just the sitting down and reading part.

I couldn’t read aloud until 6th grade. I guess I just always felt more interested in things that were actually happening as opposed to those that had already happened or were conjecture to happen or could never possibly happen but someone wanted to imagine a wild story about them happening.

Strange for someone who now writes a blog nearly every day of the week…hmm..

Don’t get me wrong. I love reading but things like Harry Potter (a children’s book) and creative crafting books.

Andrew is the type of person that reads every day but fast stuff like news articles or blogs or wikipedia entries. Novels are not his thing.

So we again…thought Clare would be like us.

Before she was born I neatly stacked her books on the shelf that we had reluctantly taken from our sister Liz (thanks Liz. We needed it after all) fully expecting not to read a single one of them unless begged by some child we were babysitting. It gave us the impression of being responsible parents where really we were not reading to Clare and are not really that neat.

I didn’t read to Clare until about 5 months when her doctor insinuated that I should be reading to her. “So you’re singing and reading and feeding and bathing her?”

“Yes.” I lied. (Really? Feeding and bathing go in the same sentence as reading?)

Singing I got. Feeding solids she refused to do until she was 7 months. We weren’t allowed to use soap because of her eczema so you couldn’t really say I was bathing her. Reading…? Whatever.

So I started … out of guilt…

…and haven’t stopped.

Clare LOVES to read. She could do it all day. I do all the voices and she imitates. She laughs and bounces in place while I read each line outrageously. We go to the library once if not twice a week.

That’s what I get for taking fish oil when I was pregnant. Gah!

On the flip side: We have so many of these

I don’t know what to do with myself. Anyone else?


7 responses

  1. I feel guilty for not reading my kid age appropriate books, but then I think, well if thats the biggest mistake I ever make as a parent it wouldn’t be the end of the world ( and I figure I’ll fail spectacularly at some point or another). As for the plastic bags, I’ve been saving mine (especially the cool colored ones to do this. If you put cool paper between them or colored clingwrap you can get some pretty cool effects going. Let me know if you decide to try it out. Or if you accidentally melt a bunch of plastic to your iron, I mean, uh, I didn’t do that….

  2. Stuffed animals? Yeah, Sara Ellen doesn’t do much with them and hasn’t ever. Yet, they continue to be popular presents. *sigh*. Sara Ellen loves to read as well. And now, she wants the same stream of books over and over, in the same day. I actually read a little Harry Potter to her yesterday. Not sure what she thought, and I didn’t really want to read the emotional, battle scenes but it turned out to be fun hearing it myself, even as I read.

  3. If I get plastic bags, I use them as trash bags in the bathroom… most of what goes in that trash bag is recyclable. I have 10 reusable bags that I take to the grocery store, Target or even in the mall. I once bought clothes from 3 different stores and just had them put the clothes in the same reusable bag. You don’t have to buy reusable bags… just look around your house for big purses, tote bags, beach bags or even backpacks to take shopping with you. 😀

    Claire is soooo cute!!! Even the top of her head is perfect!

  4. I’m pretty sure AA County recycles plastic bags (we can put them right in with our bottles and cans). Have you checked if b’more does that?

  5. It appears Baltimore city does not recycle them, but next time you’re at my place you can put them in one of our containers. They take everything, including plastic bags.

  6. you can iron the plastic bags together(6 sheet thickness) between two sheets of parchment paper and then sew them together to make bags.

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