Paint Brush Centerpiece

As an alternative to flowers I sometimes like to do a paint brush centerpiece.

It changes things up. It’s always fresh and still adds a little spice of color.

“Bouquets of sharpened pencils”.

You can use other art utensils as well – colored pencils, WHATEVER!

I’d love to know what you use as an alternative to flowers…mostly cause I want to copy you. Cause I’m like that – a copycat, a cheater, an idea mooch. So spill your ideas people. Spill. So I can lap them up like a dog in the desert and beg for more.

But seriously.


7 responses

  1. No photo on this one, but I use a large red vase filled with long cinnamon sticks. Add holly at Christmas, pipe cleaner hearts for Feb 14, small flags for July 4th.

    The smell stays if you take a nail file to the ends of the cinnamon sticks from time to time. A few scrapes and the smell of cinnamon springs forth.

  2. Feathers! Lots and lots of feathers! (You must have well trained animals to get by on that one). I also keep random things from cheesy flower arrangements, like I have glitter covered “shooting star” rods that I put among the feathers. Michael’s has a great selection of all different feathers, and I find they work best in an opaque vase of some sort. (Cheater tip: for short peacock feathers, look in the kid’s mask craft section. That way you don’t feel guilty if you’re using a short vase and need to cut off all that long feather stem. ;)).

  3. Tacky, but true… my kids made paper tissue flowers, twisted with pipe cleaners and stick a green straw over the pipe cleaner to stand up straight. To make it even more tacky, it is in a plastic up decorated with bendaroo’s…

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