Remember When?

Remember when I used to blog?

Cause I do.

What happened?!

Where did I go?!?

I bet you’re expecting me to say that a huge pothole swallowed me up on my way somewhere in Baltimore. (not as far fetched as you might think)

I bet you want me to say something like, “We’re expecting red-headed triplets and I’ve been on bed rest and out of reach of my computer.”

I guess you might even want me to say that one of my albums appeared on So You Think You Can Dance and now I’m an overnight hit and haven’t been able to squeeze blogging in between all the gigging and interviews and autograph signing.

But those are all incorrect.

If I were swallowed up by a pothole I’m sure I would have posted a flaming-mad blog about it. If I were pregnant with red-headed triplets you’d be able to hear my sobs and wailing from where you sit. If I actually had a song used on So You Think You Can Dance you would know …cause you would have heard it… when you watch the show… tell me I’m not the only person who watches that show who isn’t a teenage girl…please.

Nope. I have to say that I’ve just been lazy. Well…not really. I’ve been “sitting on some really cool stuff” as they say in the music business.

I’ve been working on designing graphics and the cover and the website for my mom’s new novel due out in November called Solomon’s Puzzle. It’s amazing and I’m blessed to be a part of this project.

I’ve also been teaching a sewing camp. There’s nothing like teaching flighty 13 years old girls how to use heavy machinery (aka a sewing machine) to make you feel busier than you actually are.


Clare’s been keeping me busy too. No more laying her on a blanket and staying there. This girl is everywhere. She is up and down and climbing through rungs in the dinning room chairs and reaching up to play the piano and EATING EVERYTHING IN SIGHT! She is the most spectacular person. I love being around her and each day she gets more and more animated and lively. We’re thick as thieves, the two of us.

So this is me saying, “Hello, again.” As they say, “I’m back from outer space.”

I hope you enjoy the cute baby pictures to make up for my huge gap in posts.


5 responses

  1. hooray! your still bloggin… i wondered if sewing camp swallowed you up… i keep checking for you… although i have been rather sporadic myself this summer.

    we watch SYTYCD also… i was more dedicated last summer than this though.

    beautiful pictures of claire!!

  2. I agree that sewing camp, though only three hours, feels like the whole day! I love it so much. I would do it every day of my life if I could.

  3. I love sewing camp, too! I wish I could teach it all year long. Except when the girls put the pins in sticking straight up, ask for help, hold out the project and I grab it. Ouch! You’d think pinning was pretty straightforward.
    Cute pictures of Clare with her rose gold hair.

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