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Before I had Clare I was squeamish. I was squeamish about being naked or my personal bubble being squeezed. I was squeamish about doctors visits. I was squeamish about moldy food and residue from bodily functions.

But I’m also a big hippie. Mooning people is not something I’m timid about. (sorry Mom and Dad)  Talking about the state of my bowels in public is something I do often as this blog can attest to. Blood does not phase me in the least. I wanted a natural childbirth more than anything.


Andrew and I like doing everything ourselves. We like to cook our own food. We like to GROW our own food. We like to sew our own curtains. We like to doing our own renovations.

We’re also poor.

So when it came down to buying diapers our mouths dropped to the floor. The first week we had Clare I would say we threw out about 30 pounds of diaper waste! I’m not exaggerating though most of you know I am prone to do so. Seriously. 30 POUNDS! And those were the tiny diapers. Those don’t decompose for a long time folks.

This was Clare's reaction when I told her how much we used to spend on diapers.

So we switched to cloth.

I’ll be the first to say that as we approached the arrival of our new cloth diapers the only thought in my mind was, “What am I going to do with the poop?!” I know that many of your are thinking the same thing as your rub your belly or pat your toddlers head and think about being covered in baby poop up to your elbows.

I was afraid of getting peed on.

Well, I’m here to say that I made it. I have never been covered in poop and now after 6 months of using cloth I can safely say that I LOVE THEM! Andrew and I miss using clothe while we’re out or away from home.

Here are some pros for using cloth diapers:

  • No trash – I get no greater satisfaction than taking out one small bag of trash a week.
  • Money saver – we’ve saved about 200 or more dollars from using cloth
  • Earth saver – We did not feel that using the argument of our convenience was a good enough excuse to fill up Clare’s future home planet with trash.
  • No poopy smelly wafting from the trash in the nursery – you just plop and flush the poop. Clare loves watching her poop going “bye. bye.”
  • I know what I’m putting on my diapers to clean them. Most of the time we have no idea what diaper companies put on baby products.
  • Comfort – imagine wearing your own underwear or depends … come on.
  • Coolness – Cloth diapers are cool now, not like the ones when we were kids with the safety pins and the crinkly plastic cover. They are water proof and come in all kinds of colors.
  • Better for the beach. We used clothe diapers while at the beach with Clare. No saggy beach butt.
  • It takes 10 minutes of your time a day. THAT’S IT!
  • Less blow outs – Clare pooped like a million times a day and she would blow out every time in a disposable.
  • We were already cleaning poop and puke out of her clothes.

Look, you have to follow your convictions as a person and a parent. I’m not saying cloth is for everyone. But I am saying that if you are on the fence you should try them – borrow them from a friend or just order a couple.

Here are some links:

Bum Genius

G Diapers


I feel strange even having these in our house.

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.” – Ghandi


8 responses

  1. Thanks for the suggestions, Val. I didn’t know they had made so many improvements in cloth diaper products! I’ve always thought I’d prefer them, but really struggled with the seemingly overwhelming inconvenience. Looks like I won’t have to worry about that now! Cloth diapers are now part of my plans. 🙂

  2. We have also loved using cloth! It’s been surprisingly easy. And before we had R. I looked into the cost savings aspect of it and, depending on the disposable diapers you would otherwise purchase and the cloth option you end up going with, you can save as much as $1000-$1500 on just one child! If you use the same diapers for later children, the savings just goes up. Sorry…I get excited about these things. I just love it when doing something good for the world is also good for my wallet.

  3. I love cloth diapers!!! We take them everywhere, even vacation. You said you miss them when you’re out, when do you not use them?

  4. I have to disagree with the Earth saver argument especially for people that use a diaper service. The amount of chemicals they have to use to sanitize the diapers in a diaper service is pretty bad for the environment.

  5. I love having a diaper service. Our recycling container is much fuller than garbage. I’m thinking about traveling and finding local services and potentially washing the diapers from home used during transport for that brief time to use on the way home.

  6. Val –

    We are using the Bum Genius 3.0. I completely agree with everything you said. We miss using the diapers when we have used disposable for a day away. 2 things though, that are bothering me right now… 1 – with bumgenius, you’re not supposed to use baby butt ointment… and when I tried, I could tell why. It kind of ruins the integrity of the cloth (right next to the bum). But, because Bryleigh is obsessed with fruit and not veggies, her little bum gets red from the berry juices. So, I find myself feeling like I need to choose between cloth or desitin. 😦 I have also tried using the little cloth wipes as a protection between bum and diaper, but they aren’t made for pulling moisture away, so if I use those, she is much wetter than without. 2. recently — not sure if it’s the mushrooms she’s been eating or what, but her poop has just gotten FOUL. I mean, gross. I am dumping as much as possible in the toilet, but now we are getting serious grossness. I was able to keep the cloth diapers from staining until now, but blueberry poop stains. Either way, I am sticking with cloth. I mean, it’s poo either way, right?

    BTW – Claire is breathtaking. 🙂

  7. We love cloth! Another positive: Sam is already interested in potty training at 18 months…now if I only knew how to do that, we’d get started! I’ve read that kids in cloth potty train earlier. And there is a diaper cream you can use with them–it’s called Grandma L’s and it’s at

    I’m so glad that your family likes them, too. I’m a bit hesistant to recommend them since some people are very passionate about diapers, but really, these are one of my favorite ‘baby things’.

    Can’t wait to see you and baby Clare!

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