Perfect Mess

Clare is such a beautiful girl.

She has this sort of light about her. Her skin is crystal clear and her eyes are that brilliant blue with a dark rim. Her hair is multifaceted – who needs Loréal? Her expressions are dear and wild and fun and deliciously cute. She sleeps like an angel. She wakes with a huge, toothy smile on her face. Her spirit shines through it all!

She’s perfect….

…but she’s a mess.

I have all these clothes that I thought were so sweet before she was born. Clothes with phrases like, “Sweet Heart” or “Daddy’s Little Flower” or, as pictured above, “Cute Little Girl”. Most of those clothes are so stained now or covered in drool or puke that I’m struck with the irony of the various labels each time I dress her. Where’s the shirt that says, “Explosive Pooper” or “Little Miss Upchuck”?

Other people’s kids are not so messy. You might say, “Oh whatever, Val.” But I’ve seen it!

We recently went to a picnic with family and the other baby attending, Clare’s age, stayed neat and clean and used but one outfit for the entire day. Clare went through 4, each stained with something different.

Drenched in drool. Huge dirt patch on her bum. Strawberry all down the front of her shirt and mysteriously in her diaper.

Clare likes to take everything out of the box but doesn’t get putting it back in.

She loves smearing unused food all over her highchair.

But her most recent mess venture is taking a handful of food and putting it not in her mouth, no, in her hair…

I’m not really sure why I thought she would be neat. I’m not neat. Andrew’s not neat.

Hope…dashed again.

Flip Side: Does anyone else feel like they can never finish a cup of coffee? I want to be a coffee addict…I want to be one of those people who can’t talk to you until they drink their coffee. I want to be one of those people shaking with the electricity of caffeine coursing through their bodies but I just can’t seem to get it right. Instead I just wander around like a zombie trying to find out where I put that cup o’ joe I didn’t finish.


5 responses

  1. I love the second picture in this post. She’s certainly a beautiful little girl. My daughter (24 months) was pretty neat until she started feeding herself solid foods. She needs a bath after eating spaghetti. I never needed to pack an extra outfit in her diaper bag. It’s been very different with my 7 month old son. He “upchucks” All The Time and goes through several outfits a day. I only change him when they are totally drenched. I am planning to get the carpets shampooed when he outgrows the reflux. I am hoping it will end in 5 months or so. I was given burp cloths at a baby shower for my daughter. I never needed them for her. THey have been VERY, VERY well used with my son!

  2. Ha ha! My girls too are messy!! Seriously, Scott asked me the other day what we are doing wrong and why are kids always seem to have food all over their faces and no one elses does… and they are 3 and 4!!!! 🙂

    Guess they are in good company!

  3. It’s a Vache trait, I’m afraid! It’s always been a family joke at get togethers that Lindsay would get my handed down clothing, ALWAYS stained 🙂 And the other fam joke is that you can always tell where Andrew has been by the trail he leaves behind…

  4. YES! Me too! I can never finish an entire cup of coffee. I absolutely love the flavor, but… never.

    Also, it is NOT as good re-heated. Sometimes I think, “Oh, maybe if it was piping hot again, I’d finish it.” But then it’s just not as delicious!

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