Miracle Baby

We went to the beach last week.

I have to say that I expected the worst. I expected Clare to have a temper tantrum and scream whenever my feet hit the sand. I expected to stay inside my entire beach vacation.

But Clare was amazing. She LOVED the beach. She ate sand. She squealed with joy as the waves approached. She ate more sand. She  giggled as we played on the beach. She crawled around saying hi to everyone near the edge of the blanket. She ate more sand.

She was friendly to everyone but my uncle, who she eventually started waving to and smiling at.

She ate ice cream and raw beans and basically anything I stuck in her face.

Only thing she did that was in the least bit annoying was wake up at 5:30 or 6 every day of vacation and really…Let’s admit that that ain’t bad. It’s not good either.

I was so impressed with my sweet little girl. I couldn’t believe how agreeable she was.

I know what you all are thinking, “Well your next kid is going to be a real pill so watch out. You’re never going to be able to go to the beach again or a coffee shop or an antique store for that matter.” or “Wait til she is 15. Then you’ll feel different.”

I know. I KNOW. My next kid will probably be a devil child and Clare might give me heck when she is a teen but right now…I don’t care. Right now I’m going to marvel at my miracle baby.

Thanks for a great vacation Clare. You’re the best.


5 responses

  1. My friend had an amazing newborn and someone told her God gave people wonderful first children bc that’s what made them want more. I said that was impossible bc then Sam would be an only child 🙂 He’s turning into a nice little baby though–I’m glad Clare gave you guys such a wonderful vacation. I bet there’s a pretty good chance your next baby will be just as delightful!

  2. I’d like to share that both my girls are amazing (and personally I’m glad they are so far apart in age, though I know others have reasons to like smaller age gaps). In many ways they are very similar but Eliza does do a few things differently than Sara Ellen, I may even dare to say a little easier.

    I love all your beach pics. Sara Ellen loves the beach, and the pool. I was even able to take her in it today while Eliza slept at home with Tim. Sara Ellen did *not love* baths as a baby but as long as the temp is right, Eliza enjoys them – what a relief!

  3. i like that attitude, and that’s exactly how i feel about olivia! and i’m determined to enjoy baby two, as much as i do baby 1 🙂

  4. that really is one of my big pet peeves about some”experienced” mothers. whenever I hear the phrases, “just wait untill…” or “you won’t be saying that when…” I just stop listening. why put that on a young mother? especially when it might not be true. why use a moment of joy and amazement to complain about a past or present situation? ugh. why snuff out a young mother’s joy in her child by dangling unpleasant possibilities in front of her?

    it really is a miracle to have a pleasant baby on vacation–especially at the beach. wow. what a blessing! yay for your little family 🙂 way to go clare!

  5. Good for you! I say go on those trips… visit the antique store… some days will be great and you’ll be so glad you went… other times you’ll think what was I thinking, but even still I am glad I went for it… if nothing else it gives good blogging fodder and keeps ya humble!

    Glad you had such a wonderful trip and a wonderful baby!!

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