Roll With It

I love my sister-in-law. This week, vacationing with my family, I’ve had the opportunity not only to make new memories but to reflect  on and remember some of the things I love most about my family. This week I’ve been especially struck by my dear sister-in-law Andrea.

Yesterday we wanted to go Tandem biking along the beachside road. Instead of tandem bikes the rental place only had a TRANDEM bike which seats three instead of two. Andrea, me and my brother Joe hopped on and by hopped on I mean I have bruises all up my shin from hitting the pedals while Andrea and Joe threw orders back and forth at each other. By the end of the trip we were cruising and all because of Andrea’s determination and confidence.

My sweet nephew Jack

I’ve always been impressed with my sister-in-law’s ability to roll with it. She takes what she gets and she has fun – makes the best out of any situation if she can. Jack wakes up early but instead of complaining she uses the early morning drowsiness as an excuse to cuddle. Because of her encouragement he has become a lovely and affectionate little boy.

Just roll with it.

When we arrived at the beach I noticed that my nephew, Joey, looked different. He had a 2 inch mohawk on his head.

“What is this?” I asked Andrea.

“Joey woke up this morning and said, ‘I want a red mohawk.’ So I compromised and gave him the mohawk.” she said recounting her experience.

I would have thought about it for weeks and worried what it would mean and cried about Clare making her own decisions and so on.

Andrea knows her children. She knows exactly what they need and she doesn’t sweat the small stuff. Joey wanted a mohawk and she saw this as an opportunity for him to show is outlandish and brilliant personality.

So this week, when Clare took a handful of sand and put it in her mouth I channeled my inner Andrea and just rolled with it.


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