I know this is going to sound really lame.

I know that by posting about this subject I will no longer be considered cool to anyone but my mom and that’s really gonna be a courtesy.

As a new parent I am absolutely shocked by the fact that I do all the dorky things that I made fun of my friends and relatives for for years. I’m talking in a baby voice about everything. I’m singing Old McDonald on a regular basis. I’m talking about Clare constantly.

Well, Clare has this bunny. I call him “Fufu” you know…after little bunny fufu. Yeah. In order to get her to eat I make “Fufu” pretend to eat her food and then scold him and make him cry and then everyone makes up and Clare takes a bite. I do this for probably half the food I put in her mouth.

This is all fine and good until you find yourself talking about “Fufu” to your husband when trying to summarize the happenings of your day. “Fufu said this and Clare thought it was so funny!”

Blank stare from the man who thought you were normal when he married you. Nope. Not normal.

Not normal anymore.

Well, at least “Fufu” likes me. (wince)


7 responses

  1. I am right there. The past three days, the only way to calm lil C down has need to bounce him on my knee while singing “baby likes to bounce! baby likes to bounce! baby likes to bouncy bouncy bouncy bouncy bounce!”

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