Flower of the week: Hydrangea

Oh bliss. Thy name is Hydrangea.

I’m in dangea cause I just love hydrangea…oh dear.

You have to admit, despite my corny puns, that there is nothing quite like a bright blue bunch of blossoms in a clear jar of cool water.

And these beauties don’t just come in all different shades of blue but also purple and pink all based on what type of soil you have.

Hydrangea take a few years to really take root in your garden but can eventually be the queen of your little yard. They take little to no work, their blooms last a long portion of the summer and they dry beautifully.

I have to say that they are a little pricy at the plant nursery but the best part is that you can root them yourselves. Simply cut halfway through a branch close to the ground,  dip slice in root grow hormone and bend branch to the ground covering sliced branch with a heavy rock. The next year lift the rock of and you have a new plant to transplant to another part of your garden. IT WORKS!

Not great in wedding bouquets but wonderful in lots of water or on the bush.

Ahh…happy happy.

Here are some bebe pictures.

I love how they are making the same face. Cute.


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