Eating Dirt

I like to taste Clare’s baby food.

It’s not that I like to taste it, it’s just that if it tastes BAD I want to know. I also figure that if it’s rotten then I’ll know before she eats it…I don’t know…call me crazy.

So, I like cookies.

I eat them for breakfast, after breakfast, after lunch and before and after dinner that is ever since I started nursing. I know it’s unhealthy. I swear I’m going to change … tomorrow.

Andrew likes savory stuff. Beef Jerky baby. Meat and potatoes kind of guy. Spinach just like Pop Eye.

When we had Clare we wanted her to experience all different kinds of foods. We didn’t want to limit her or let her limit herself either. Of course there are a few things that we just hate eating, peas being one of them. They taste like dog’s breath smells…if you get my drift. The only peas I’ve ever liked were cooked by Cindy Bauchspies and that, I’m convinced, was some sort of magic.

So we let Clare try everything but her favorite foods are:

Plain Yogurt

You guessed it… PEAS!

And Goldfish.


So this evening, in an attempt to “unplug” her. I served up a nice dinner of watered down prune juice (vomit!) and a mixture of homemade yogurt, peas and carrots. I tasted it as always and it tasted like DIRT! Bleh! Seriously. It tasted like I went out the garden, took a few spoonfuls of soil and plopped it into my baby’s dinner dish.

How could I feed this to her?! But I had to. That’s what that one book or website or friend said to do! So to help the vile concoction go down I made Clare this delicious piece of warm buttery bread (whole wheat so as not to hinder the prunes and peas from working). I drooled as I cut it up into little pieces.

“You have to have three bites of the gross stuff before I let you have a bit of buttery bread. Ok?” I said.

Well, HooHa! That girl didn’t want anything to do with the delicious bread.

“More peas please!” said Clare. “What? You got a problem with peas? I like ’em. Deal, Mom.”

And she emptied that bowl…right down to the last drop.

The reason I craved dirt during my pregnancy is suddenly becoming more and more obvious.



2 responses

  1. How do you not like peas? I mean canned ones are the grossest of gross but frozen or (Oh yum) Fresh? there are like eating the greenness of late spring so fresh and yummy! and Prune juice is actually not that bad and really high in iron (and as high iron can lead to constipation its a great thing to give your anemic child who will not eat red meat.)

  2. Peas are not my fav either and I must say I disagree with Homegrown Strawberries… if I have to eat peas, it better be canned. My kiddos however also like em… they even eat em cold, just right out of the can. Strange, I know.

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