Flower of the Week: Lettuce

Most people don’t think they can grow plants.

Sometimes it’s true.

But sometimes there is a plant sooo sturdy, so productive that you can’t kill it unless you hired a some hoard of locust to destroy them.

Last year Andrew planted our first vegetable garden. It’s production was minimal – a few tomatoes, peppers, and a lot of herbs. So this Christmas I picked up a book on vegetable gardening for Andrew, to inspire him. To be honest, I thought he would thumb through it and forget about it.

To my surprise this little book, that I barely scanned myself, has become his gardening Bible. One of it’s great ideas was lettuce. So Andrew went to Home Depot a bought a bunch of seeds, some of which were different types of lettuce.

Andrew planted the seeds in April and…. just let them grow.

And grow, they did. We have so much lettuce we can’t give it away. I’m serious. We have Way to much lettuce.

It’s great for kids – seeing the progression from see all the way to germination. And you literally don’t have to do anything but leave them and let them grow. Then pick and enjoy.

There is nothing better than having fresh produce from your own yard.

If you’re afraid of plants, start with lettuce. You’ll love it.

(Andrew wants me to say that lettuce is not technically a flower. Gah!)

Clare with Mom-mom on Memorial Day. Have to give you at least one picture of the cutie. Haven't quite taught her modesty yet.


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