Herb Fest

This weekend Andrew, Clare, my parents and I went to the Baltimore Herb Festival held at our local Leakin Park.

Let me first clear things up. There was no “grass” at this herb festival. They didn’t have any of those “herbs” there.


Our neighbor told us about this festival only a week ago while I was complaining about how my mint was taking over my garden. Why she would think I would want more after that conversation I don’t know but…I’m glad she said something.

It was awesome.

I expected it to be relatively small … like … a few little pots of basil being sold by some old guy with wirey, long, salt and pepper hair. But it was HUGE. There was a pinch and sniff tent, tons of homemade food, booths and booths of crafts, rows of herbs, live music, lectures of the specific uses of specific herbs.

And there was a ton of stuff to do for the kids.

The trains people…the trains. Your Thomas-the-train kid is gonna freak when they see this.

This was an actual locomotion. More on that later.

There was also the petting zoo. What? You mean they didn’t just have the kids pet herbs?! Nope. Snakes. Birds. Everything your nature kid would want.

My favorite part was these little things we found. They are bird houses made of gourds. When I asked the lady there how long they lasted she replied, “As long as you. And the birds love them too. I like your headband by the way.”

“Oh. Ok. Sold. Thanks. I’ll take that one. I like your headband too.”

It was a wonderful day. We could have spent the whole day there.

The whole crew.

I have to admit that I was intimidated, as a lifelong Annapolitan, to move to Baltimore, “Harm” City. But every day that I live and breathe here I see more of it’s beauty and charm unfold before me. I am falling more and more in love with this diverse, creative and exciting city. Please join me in loving the place you live, looking under stones for treasure and finding that home is where the herbs are… I mean, heart is. 🙂


6 responses

  1. I am totally with you. I was just telling my husband a week ago that I am starting to like Baltimore. I was always kind of afraid/hated the city traffic, crime, pot holes, too many one way streets, beautiful old building turned into cheesy nightclubs that made me want to yell at someone about historical preservation… Any way I am finding a place in my heart for the city and I think I would actually miss it if or when we move.

  2. It sounds and looks wonderful. I just mentioned to someone I don’t know why I only grow my herbs in the summer….because I love using fresh herbs. That bird house is adorable!

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