The PA-ainted Daisy

“Don’t you think Daisies are just the HAPPIEST flower?” (guess the movie)

I like daisies a lot. I don’t like them THAT much. Their sturdy and bright and happy but I often feel like daisies are the kind of flower that if given the ability to talk would just giggle and sigh. Come on. Not a lot o’ brains in there. Of course…I am talking about a flower here…(come on, Val)

But the Painted (freaking) Daisy…now there is a different story.

yeah...that's my Britta Filter. What's your point?

These Emo, eye-liner and body piercing beauties are annuals unlike their giddy perennial cousins. So you’ll have to buy them again and again every year but come on…it’s worth it. And they are inexpensive.

They bloom all summer in so many different colors. They have the most natural and striking beauty about them unlike Gerber Daisies which look like they are silk or plastic even when they are real. Yeah I said it. Gerber Daisies are some of my LEAST favorite flowers. I realize I’m offending more than half the people who read this blog. It’s nothing personal. It’s plants! But, I mean, how can anyone like a flower that has the same name as a can of mushed up turkey and lentil baby food? How?!

Painted Daisies eat Gerber Daisies for breakfast and then spit them out cause they taste gross.

But I digress.

Painted Daisies are a great way to brighten up your garden no matter how big. They are lovely for window boxes or potted gardens. All you have to do to keep them blooming all summer is a little deadheading and that is easily done by snipping the buds and bringing them inside for further enjoyment.

So consider this diamond in the rough for your garden. It’s like the black sheep, the underdog, the magical misfit of a family full of super perfect, happy-all-the-time-because-I-got-my-nose-done flowers.

Here they are in an arrangement

In other parts of my world: Had my tooth capped last night (temporary) and it feels like they put a giant’s tooth in there. I seriously can’t believe anyones teeth are that wide. And I thought I had pretty sizable teeth. whew. Evidently not.


6 responses

  1. You’ve Got Mail! Love that movie. And technically they’re “Gerbera” daisies so not so much named after the baby food brand. Although I agree they often look fake even when they’re real.

  2. “Someone once said that a rose by any other name would smell as sweet. But I don’t know… a rose just couldn’t smell as sweet if it were named ‘thistle’ or ‘skunk cabbage'” ~can you name the movie? 🙂

    I feel that these daisies(standard and painted) are more like sisters than cousins, don’t you?

    is it wrong that I like fake gerbera daisies more than the real thing? I don’t like those sleeves they have to wear to stand up straight. I dunno…

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