The Hippie Diet: The Long Walk

I used to babysit for a family in college – a professor, his wife and their two adorable kids. I know they would laugh if they ever found this but there are totally hippies ESPECIALLY (let’s call her) Jane. She was the kind of person you couldn’t steal anything from (not that I tried or wanted to but…) because she was so original that everyone would know THAT you stole it and that you stole it from Jane. She always seemed to be wearing some sort of bangles. Their dining room chairs were all different. They fed their kids cool stuff like egg drop soup and sushi!

I’m a homebody so my tendency is to stay in doors, warm and cozy where I’m comfortable. I like the familiar but after a while of babysitting I noticed her kids getting ornery. One afternoon when Jane returned home she mentioned that she had been taking a long leisurely walk every day with the kids to lose some weight and get in shape.

And she did. I would often see her pushing the kids around Grand Rapids in an old stroller with her long curly hair trailing behind her. It didn’t matter the weather (and this was Michigan people). She just bundled up and went for it.

I was inspired to change and as soon as I got her kids outside, they were relaxed and happy. I find that now a walk always works to calm Clare down.

Clare and me before our daily walk.

My Mom, also a huge hippie, says that the artist can’t create without sufficient walking. She often suggested getting outside and walking to, “blow the stink off” and essentially cleanse the spirit. Some of my most creative and inspired times have been on walks.

I think people often set goals that are insurmountable when trying to lose weight or get healthy. They say, “I’m going to run every day for the next year!” or “I’m never going to eat french fries again!” or “Forget food! I’m just ordering french filtered water from here on out!”. This isn’t really realistic. It will probably get results fast but you won’t be able to keep it up.

imitating Clare's I-wanna-eat-the-camera face

The idea is to get active. EMBRACE YOUR LIBERTY! Go out and enjoy creation. Move your body. It doesn’t have to be running (so many people hate that) just go for a walk and clear your head. And if Jane can do it in Grand Rapids where it snows constantly I KNOW that anyone can do it especially when there are places like the mall for non-hippies who don’t like walking in the rain or have small children.

So challenge yourself to get out  for a walk 5 days in the next week. I’m serious. You’re going to love it.

A soul cleansing walk:

Totally doable. Totally helpful. Totally hippie.

In other parts of my world: This post is dedicated to Jane and her kids, My Mom, Clare and Winston (Winston gave me one of the greatest gifts I could have asked for – a healthy active pregnancy that in the long run gave me an easier and happier birth experience)


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