So…this morning.

This morning I was sitting there with Clare. Nothing different.  She was in the middle of getting bored with my barnyard animal noises and decided she wanted something.  Usually when this happens Clare does this cute backward hand wave thing and stares down the object she wants like she has telekinesis.

But this morning…this morning she saw my flip flops from across the floor and the next thing I know…she had them in her mouth. (Iknow, I know. That’s gross but wait for my point) They were across the floor and then she had them. I was looking straight at her and I didn’t even notice she had crawled for the very first time.

I was like, “Wow. Did she just do that?”


She just did it.

Just like that she crawled.

Then she did it again and again.

So I took some pictures to commemorate the moment (no crawling pictured):

In other parts of my world: Strathmore Show coming up on June 2nd.  Great treat for you and yours.  Think about coming.  Great restaurants in the area. Don’t miss it. Buy tickets here.


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