Flower of the Week: Azaleas

People. I ask you…at what other time is  fuchsia appropriate? Don’t answer that.

I remember azaleas from when I was a little girl. For some reason I alway grind my teeth when I think about that. I remember my mom hated them and not because they were ugly or smelled bad but because they just wouldn’t grow in her yard.

They seemed to grow everywhere else.

That is why I was pleasantly surprised when last May I discovered that we had two HUGE azalea bushes on the side of our house. And that, my friends, is where the love affair was reignited.

I love these flowers because the are just so girly and flouncey. (flouncey? you know what I mean) They look like little fairy skirts. Yeah…I said that. FAIRY SKIRTS!

They don’t really smell like much but the colors are just magnificent.

They also only bloom once a year and that stinks because you wish they would bloom again and again and again.

The thing about these that are tricky is the soil. You have to have the right soil to grow these lovely bushes.  If you do, you’re set. If you don’t…every single one you put in the ground will die. Sorry people. Another princess-and-the-pea plant.


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