A Natural

I love music. But I don’t think I’m alone in that.  I think loving music is a part of being human. It expresses our inner thoughts and dreams in a deeper way than just talking.  The placement of sound and silence, in time, is something that intrigues and inspires us all.

Though I love music I have never felt like it loved me back. I’ve been chasing music my whole life – trying to make it my own and in essence conquer it. Ever heard of unrequited love? That’s me. I’m that knight on the old horse with banged up armor and music is that damsel at the top of the tower except she doesn’t really seem to want me to rescue her.

Clare on the other hand is a natural. Music comes naturally to her. She gets it. You know? At times I find that she almost acts like it’s a chore.

When I play piano with children I always try to teach them how to use just one finger so that they are not slamming their fists down on random keys. I did this with both my nephews and they got pretty good at it. I’ve been playing piano with Clare since she was born and as soon as I tried to teach her the finger thing she grabbed my own index fingers with her hands and started playing the piano for me.

It was as if she already knew what I was trying to teach her.

She loves the guitar most. Something about it interests her. I’m not sure if she can’t figure it out or what but whenever we walk by it she goes, “UUUGHHhh!” and waves her hands frantically to touch it.

I hate having random music playing in the background. I feel like it is distracting and dishonoring to the music itself. Well Clare needs it. She has a better, more cheerful and more focused day of play if I can put on some Stevie Wondering to accompany our daily tasks. I’ve grown to love listening and working to music again because of Clare.

What can I say? She’s a natural.

Watch…she’ll probably end up being a doctor and not even think about pursuing music….gah.

In other parts of my world: Thanks to Auntie Hey-Hey for giving the above pictured piano.


4 responses

  1. I think Jack is that way too. I was showing him how my jaw harp worked the other day. It’s hard to pick out a tune on that thing. It’s more of a rhythm instrument. But I was playing “Row, Row, Row Your Boat” on it and he started signing along.

  2. I’m so glad she enjoys it.

    Like Clare, Liam is also alive to music. However, his interest in more in dancing to it than actually creating it. That kid can boogie down. Also, he likes sleeping to it. Liam loves him a good lullaby.

  3. I love watching how different children are even as babies and how even from a young age you can see their natural talents and skills. All of my kids have enjoyed music, but my third born would go crazy in the womb when music was played or when I was singing in church. Now as a 2 yr old she can pick up the lyrics and melodies to songs so quickly. It amazes me. I’ll ask her after SS what she learned about, “I don’t know.” But if I ask her what she sang, she’ll sing it all back to me.

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