Indie Mom

My mom is… well … for lack of a better word AWESOME!



I’m not actually kidding you or exaggerating.

She has always been a hard worker along with a loving and creative individual. She is inspiring not only because of what she has done (mainly making and raising me 🙂 ) but because of the fact that after 4 kids, graduate school, a successful career in teaching, owning a business, international travel and 4 grandkids she is still dreaming.

My mom has taken on the amazing task of writing and self publishing a novel, Solomon’s Puzzle. It’s due out in the fall. The whole family has teamed together to help my mom get her book ready and to the press.

The novel takes place in Annapolis, MD so last weekend Andrew and I went to Annapolis to take photos for the cover and the website and yada yada.

So…yeah…basically wanted to get you psyched about it so here are some pictures of our little adventure.

Here’s to my indie MOM! (I just realized there are no actual pictures of her in this blog…gah)


4 responses

  1. I have come to love your mother as well she is a wonderful woman and that is evidenced here as much as it is at her blog and getting to know her personally. The fact that her family loves her so much makes it clear how wonderful she is.

  2. This is soooooo exciting :). I love hearing about her novel’s progress and can’t wait to purchase the finished product. The pictures look great — oh Annapolis!

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