Fells Point

We don’t really go out after 7:30.

Is that weird?

I don’t honestly care. I’m a homebody. I’m a dreamer and I can do that anywhere. Where as Andrew is a little more restless when he is trapped inside for too long.  Andrew even has a no-sleep-before-11-on-weekend-nights rule to combat the feeling that we are slowly fading into boring old people.

So this last weekend, seeing Andrew start to squirm, I suggested we go out and do something. Screw BEDTIME! Let’s have fun!

So we decided to go to Fells Point.

Having grown up in Annapolis I still automatically view Baltimore as, “HOURS AWAY….gah!” even though we live IN Baltimore. People from Annapolis are always like, “You drove all the way DOWN HERE in ONE DAY? You must be exhausted.” 45 minutes people. I know people with commutes twice that long.

So when Andrew mentioned Fells Point I was, “yeah…I know where that is.”

Didn’t actually know.

Even though I’ve WORKED in downtown Baltimore I’ve never visited Fells Point.


We went to this charming little gelato place called Pitango Gelato. I had the most delicious flavor – Spicy Chocolate – mixed with Banana. The environment is clean and friendly. They only do ice cream and coffee and that means they do them well. It’s a Baltimore treasure.

Go visit. DO IT! It’s beautiful – the first deep water harbor in Baltimore. It is full of fun shops and gah…it’s awesome. Go. Get a babysitter or bring the kids…and go!

You’ll love it.


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  1. I’m always home by 7 because that’s Keealyn’s bedtime. Jeremy used to be a nigh owl and was frustrated that I like to sleep so much. But now that he gets up at 6 for work he is usually waiting for me in bed by 10!

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