So much

With stuffed sinuses, a crappy wireless router and life with it’s “only 24 hours in a day” crap I’ve been unable to post much recently. The worst part is that I have so much to post, to write about.

I have some really funny jokes, like fall-off-your-chair funny. I have some adorable pictures of sweet Clare. I have things to gripe about and things to bliss about. I have entries I want to post but I can’t.

I feel constipated. But like…the blog form. blogstipated. ?

Well, one day when I have a huge I mean EPIC blog explosion and post like 17 new entries you’ll know what happened.

Yes. Right now I’m typing this entire entry out on my phone. Desparate? You have no idea.

Here’s a picture of Clare to tie me I mean you over.


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