More Please

We’ve been struggling with the solid foods people. You know that. And really, who am I to complain about that? Seriously. It’s ridiculous that I even think this is an issue.

Because let’s face it.  She’s only 6.5 months old.  She has her whole life to eat solid foods.


So what if she doesn’t like the way ANYTHING tastes?! Except of course for the cap of her dad’s empty 2 liter bottles.

Well…yesterday she did it. She absolutely gobbled down a “bowl” of applesauce. GOBBLED!




Now I realize that the simple fact that I am putting this on the web means that Clare will never do it again but I figured that would happen anyway and I wanted all of you to share in my happiness.


6 responses

  1. It was the same with Bryce. About a week ago, he just decided he liked solid food and he’s been eating everything we give him since.

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