Flower of the Week: Dogwood

Oh…dogwoods. How I love them.

It doesn’t matter how much I love them…these flowering trees are a pain in the butt.

They are beautiful but they are strangely reminiscent of those people that are constantly sick…what are they called…? Oh, yeah! CRAZY!

Seriously. I didn’t know that flowers, made to grow and flourish in nature, could be so whimpy.

Come on! Buck up! Get a little hardy for goodness sake!

We have a lovely dogwood in our back yard but it’s so sparse and little. It’s like Mr. Puny Tree. It’s like, “Oh a child hung on my branch and I died” tree. It’s like, “That’s ok. I’ll just have the salad.” tree.

I love the blooms. I love the shape of the leaves. I love the smell that comes leaping at you every time you pass one.

But holy hooha! These things never get passed the seedling stage and if they do they usually die.

Now granted, I have seen dogwoods flourishing – IN ARBORETUMS! Nowhere else.

Look.  I love these plants. If you want to go out and buy one for mother’s day, I won’t judge you. But be prepared for the pain of falling in love and having your heart broken.  Cause that what it feels like.

Yeah…We have a healthy dogwood in our backyard now but as soon as that thing starts really growing, I’m just sure it will die.


Anyway, nice to prune and take the cuttings inside for a little splash of color.

Funny, Andrew thought I had cut the tree down when I brought these branches in. …That’s how whimpy these things are.  HE THOUGHT I HAD CHOPPED THE TREE DOWN!

In other parts of my world:

Here’s a picture of Clare to tie you over.


5 responses

  1. Val, I love, LOVE your description of the dogwood… we have 2 in our back yard and we love them, but we’d just been talking recently about how they appear to be dying… now I know it isn’t just us!

  2. They are so beautiful- in that nice green pitcher especially! But the, “That’s okay. I’ll just have a salad” tree comment made me fall of my chair in laughter.

  3. I’m with Tara. It’s weird though because dogwoods are native to Maryland and should grow well here. I think they like to be at the edge of woods… filtered sunlight.

  4. I had three dogwood’s in my back yard growing up. They were huge and epic “climbing” trees. They seemed hardy- until they all contracted a disease and had to be cut down… you know, you may have a point here…

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