The Baby in the Boy

My nephew Jack has been the baby of the family for 2 years. Then Clare came along. And everything changed for Jack.

Recently I’ve noticed he is a little jealous of Clare. She is not a demanding baby, loves playing by herself, but any attention she does get threatens his sense of normalcy.

I may forget how old I am (I told them the wrong age when I was in the hospital with Clare) or how many children I have I will never forget how that little boy was when he was little.

Jack is special and you could tell from the first moment. As I sat outside the delivery room I heard his first cries – musical and dispersed all over the scale. Up and down he went not the usual monotone newborn cry. He was so responsive to song. He would calm almost instantly when sung to.

He was a bundly cuddle bug too. A joy to hold. He smiled and looked you straight in eye at 2 weeks.

He was quirky looking and seemed to swim around in his soft clothes. Everyone loved to hold Jack because he was so content to stay in your arms, unlike his adventurous brother.

Jack was strong and delightful.

I love Jack and even though he has grown and changed since he was an infant there are still reflections of the Baby in the Boy.

He learned to whistle on his own and loves to sing.

He is loving and content still. He’d love to have you play with him but he doesn’t need it.

He is determined and strong. Stubborn as all get out.

He is sturdy but still cuddly and lovable.

I love you Jack Nebbia and I’ll always be your Aunt Val.


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