Family picture

It used to be that Andrew and I could get a good picture together no problem.  As long as I was compliant and didn’t make a weird face to disguise my awkward feelings toward pictures. We had quite a few good ones of the two of us and I thought that was no big deal.

So a few days ago I was looking through our Easter pictures and noticed we had a picture with all three of us together.  We looked out of sorts and weird but we were all three together and it got me thinking…”do we have any other pictures of the three of us?

I went on a search and this is what I found.

Ah the accidental family photo. This was the day we took Clare home from the hospital. We didn’t even think to pose for our first family photo.  So…this is it. Too busy. Too tired. Too anxious about getting her into that car seat to think about a picture.

This one is a couple weeks after Clare was born. Everything was still so new then. I took Clare out on the porch one beautiful fall morning and Andrew happened upon us in this moment.  He set up his tripod and took a few timed shots.  It’s basically hilarious.  I look like I’m mad about kissing Clare.  Andrew looks like a little kid and Clare looks like she is either trying to eat my face or she is going to punch it. We thought it was so funny we made it our Christmas card.

These were taken at a Christmas party we attended.  Mandy Sroka took these two. She did a great job.  Andrew and I look like, “This kid could start screaming at any second. Why did we bring her to a Christmas party? We should have just stayed home and watched Biggest Loser.”

I look like I’m praying that I won’t get breast milk on my silk dress. I can tell Andrew was wondering what kind of Lens Mandy was using.

What I think is so funny is that Clare looks so unamused. Then we kiss her in the bottom picture and she’s like, “What the hooha!? More kissing?! This is getting on my nerves.”

Then of course there is always the shoot it ourselves family photo. “Hey everybody! Look over here!”  Someone always has a double chin and someone else’s face is half cut off.  Priceless. Again…Clare was unamused.

Here is the best of our Easter pictures.  I look like I’m trying to swallow the camera. Andrew looks like he just ate a handful of Sour Patch Kids. Clare is finally introduced to the demon sun. She doesn’t like it.

Family photos are funny. I’m amazed at people who get all 8 of their children to Olan Mills for one of these bad boys every year. Here’s hoping that Clare smiles in the next one.


6 responses

  1. This was a riot… I know all too well the horror of trying to capture a family photo. The more kids you have the harder it is and it truly doesn’t help things in our situation that my husband and I are NOT PHOTOGENIC AT ALL! Seriously, you can alway count on me for a scowl or two and at least one closed eye shot… of course the one when the kids are all cooperating!

    But, I am convinced that years later when we look back on these pictures, it’ll be the crying weird face ones that give me the biggest smiles as they truly capture this time of our life.

    AND BTW so glad you came to that party and didn’t stay home to watch Biggest Loser b/c it was one of the few times we actually got to talk face to face.

  2. I just laughed. out loud, a little. These are the funniest and the sweetest, ever.
    by the way- seriously, those granola bars… I mean really, REALLY good. have a fun weekend 🙂

  3. You are hilarious, Val. I love these photos. The second one is definitely my favorite, though the Easter shot is a close contender. I often look like I’m trying to ‘swallow the camera’ in photos.

  4. I know this is being a bad example, but I finally gave up on formal family photos. Someone either had a cold with a red nose, puffy eyes, etc. or a cut lip with stitches or a black tooth or weird hair or a bad attitude. I admire people who can get their entire family to look good on the same day.

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