Handmade: For Piccolo

My brother, Eric and sister-in-law, Care, are having their first baby in May.

I am psyched out of my mind about this one.

A year ago when we found out we were pregnant and as I continued to do show after show after show I secretly wished and hoped that Care and I could go through it together. I wished that my partner in music could be a friend in mothering as well. But month after month of my pregnancy went by and no announcement came from Care and Eric.

Then, only a week after my last show, I got a phone call saying I had to come over to Care’s as quickly as possible because she was pregnant! PREGNANT?! Are you serious?! They were calling the baby Piccolo, which is so cute.

So the 3 months I was planning on taking off after Clare’s birth totally coincided with Care’s worst morning sickness.  Perfect.

The minute I found out Care was pregnant I started dreaming about what I could make for them. The minute I found out they were having a boy I started sewing…that was in December.

Andrew would come home and often find me in the throws of a new project. “Who is this one for?” he would ask.

“Care.” I would say each time.

“But I thought that other thing you made was for Care.”

“Yeah. This is too.” I would say giving him a look as if he were crazy. “DUH!”

Their first baby shower was this weekend.  It was…delightful. I wanted to share a few of the things I made for them.

First is an activity blanket complete with ribbons, buttons and all kinds of textures for the baby to play on.  It’s thick enough that it will protect his head from a hardwood floor and stay in place when he starts moving around. Clare freaked out when she saw it. Then she puked on it.

Buttons were new and old. I made sure to secure them tightly to the blanket so that  baby has no chance of taking them off. Ribbons were all from the nearby Ribbon Factory.  If you’ve never been you NEED to go.

Next were these two little goobers. A Maryland Blue Crab made from an old shirt and a rattle inside made from old bottle caps and noodles.  Then a star fish make from scrap fabric and crinkle wrap from my stationary packaging.

Also my standard burp cloth creations. These all had an N and some had leaves. Don’t ask me why.

Then a portable changing pad. Let me tell you.  We don’t leave the house without ours.  Not hard to make either. Oh wait…really hard to make.

A diaper bag – way easier than you would think. I got the idea from Martha.  Super easy.

And finally (I know I made a lot) this bath bag.  EASY. Seriously.

Now all we need is that sweet baby.  This was such a joyful project but I have to say that holding that little boy will make me more happy than all the fabric and crafts I could dream up. Can’t wait to meet you sweet Piccolo.


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