Flower of the week: Star Gazer Lily

I know I’m a total geek.

Y’all out there are thinking, “Where the hooha are the pictures of that sweet little girl? You know, the reason we read this blog? That one.  The cute one that looks like Andrew. Oh…I wish there were some pictures of Clare on this stupid post.  Stupid Bed By Day.  I’m going to Pioneer Woman to find me a picture of a cute bald baby.”

Listen, I get that.  If I were you I would probably click the little x up in the corner of my window too.  But…what the hooha. I’M DOIN IT ANYWAY.

In honor of Spring and Summer and all things good I decided to do a couple posts on flowers.  I love them…no…LOVE…and I’d like to share that love with you.

When I was growing up my mom always kept fresh flowers in the house if she could.  She also kept silk ones but that’s another story.  I remember having flowers on the table late into the fall – pansies, roses, daises all fragrant lovely. Sometimes she would even slip a few little buds in a vase by my bed if I were having a particularly tough week or needed a little inspiration.

Flowers are a life line for me.  They keep me dreaming and starry-eyed.

So this week I thought I would spotlight one of my favorites.


Now, it’s not quite time for this little gem to bloom in your garden yet – that happens in July – but Andrew got me some flowers for my birthday with a couple of these beauties and I was inspired.

These flowers last a really long time in a vase so if you want something great for a lover or friend or whoever buy these when they are not quite open and they will bloom right before your eyes over the course of two weeks as long as you keep the water in the vase fresh.

It’s not like the purity lilies you see during Easter (mounding everywhere in churches so you can hardly see the pastor). Nope, because these have a stunning, bright pink center. GAH!

Beware. If you are allergic to pollen make sure to cut off the little stamen. Star Gazers are super fragrant so if that’s not your thing…don’t get them.

Super easy to plant and hardy as hooha. The only thing that gets these babies down are the ding-dong rabbits.

Ok…so this one does have a good shot of the lily either. But I just thought Andrew’s pictures of this bouquet were lovely.

Oh well? Read more about the STAR GAZER LILY here.

In other parts of my world:

For those of you who really just wanted to look at a picture of Clare. (I’ll admit that’s me too.) Here ya go.


8 responses

  1. I’ve got some of them there Stargazers at my house. I love em.
    They do tend to bend back way too far (the petals, I mean). The Rubrum lily is better in that respect, but much more expensive… oh well…

    Clare is very cute.

  2. i read your blog for your comments on life. your way with words and ideas. to get another viewpoint, to find a friendly voice, to learn snippets of wisdom. write anything the ‘hooha’ you want too, lol!

  3. daniel bought me some flowers the day i lost my job, and i think they were stargazers, though all i know for sure is that they were lillies =)

    also, with all this job-less free time, i have no excuse not to see you (and clare) again! please email me or leave me a comment to let me know what works for you. =)

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