And There Were


We got teeth people.

Now, I’d love to show you a picture of the infamous chompers but…I can’t.

Everyone seems to know when their babies are teething. This is baffling to me seeing as I didn’t know Clare was teething until I could actually see them.  My brother Karl has been convinced she is teething since the day she was born.

If she’s drooling it must mean teeth. Snotty nose … teeth. Cranky … teeth. Anything in her mouth … teeth. If you can’t figure out what the heck is wrong … you guessed it.

My new slogan for babies – Breathing means teething.

But after six months of “teething” those pearly whites are finally showing their sharp little tips.


Thank God people don’t remember their infancy.


Just think about pushing sharp bone through your tender soft gums! Very SLOWLY. That’s ridiculous! OUCH! No adult would do that without going to the emergency room and refusing to leave until the doctor prescribed a significant amount of percocet. But we give babies some baby oragel when they are being total lunatics and expect them to get through the rest with a smile on their face.

Not to mention the fact that Clare is not only growing teeth but a massive amount of hair.  She is also scooting forward and picking her entire body up off the floor.  She started sleeping on her stomach. She blows raspberries. She started sitting up on her own.

I didn’t learn that much in 4 years of college let alone a couple weeks.

If I did this much in the span of two weeks I would eat like a pound of chocolate between meals and sleep more than 16 hours a day. I CERTAINLY wouldn’t smile at people or tolerate my mom singing show tunes at the top of her lungs while spinning me around the living room, as Clare does.

She’s been so nice about it too.

I’m officially so proud of her I could eat 2 pounds of chocolate. Maybe THREE!

In other parts of my world: I have never liked April Fools Day.  Clare really does have teeth.


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  1. ha ha! My husband used to say the same thing… every time our baby was cranky I was convinced he or she was teething, only it would take weeks/months to appear… then I’d say, “See I was right!” It became a joke. Anytime the baby fussed we’d look at each other and say, “teething!”

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