Handmade: Bunting

I was inspired a few months back by a friend’s blog. She always finds the most delightful pieces of eye candy and I often find myself getting lost in the pictures she posts on her site.

One day she put up some great pictures of bunting. I was reminded of another friend who takes incredible pictures, which I quite frequently dream about and wish I could live in….not in the friend…the pictures. She had beautiful strings of bunting hanging at her wedding and so…

I was inspire, by both friends, to try my hand at it.

made for a friend who recently had a little baby girl.

I like it. It was so fun to make.

this is my favorite - made of an old shirt and sock...both clean.

Let me just tell you people Wonder Under is an incredible thing. Get some and your crafting world will change forever. I’m serious.

To make the flags all you do is cut triangles out of scrap fabric…you don’t even have to turn them (I did but…) you can just cut the edges with a pair of pinking sheers. Easy.

Turtle! What? He's cute.

You don’t even have to put designs on your bunting.  They are just as lovely plain.

Whether fabric or paper, bunting is so much fun and easy to do.

In other parts of my world: new curtains to be posted soon. Maybe.


7 responses

  1. So, so cute! I really need to make some now. I love that you used socks and shirts. I do the same thing.

    Thanks for the sweet words, too. I’m honored that stop by my little place on the internet.

  2. You did a fabulous job! That is so darling. Dare I try it? I see stuff like this on people’s blogs and add it to my mental list of things to do, but more often than not I let the crafty things intimidate me and push them further down the list. Perhaps, I will give it a try though… would look cute as something different in the new baby’s room. Hmm…. perhaps when I am nesting I won’t be so intimidated?!

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