Laundry Monday

Recently I found myself going a little crazy with house work. It seemed I had no free time for anything else. I was constantly cleaning or organizing or washing something and at the same time nothing was getting better in my house.

I approached my mom bewildered and out of sorts one day and explained my frustrations to her over a cup of tea and about 5 brownies.

She suggested that I make a schedule and stick to it.  Pick one day of the week for a certain task and leave it to that day every week. Let me just say that it has helped considerably and I find that I have 10 times the amount of free time.  Yes…my pile of laundry might get really high but at least I only have to do it on Monday.

So Monday is my laundry day and I am loving it. Despite the rain I find that I am inspired as newly clean laundry hangs just a little damp in my window and the dryer tumbles, it’s white noise keeping Clare asleep a little longer.

Today I take a bite from a crisp apple as I ponder the irony of the earth being washed clean by the rain at the same time as my jeans, which will now fit instead of sagging off my new-mommy-non-butt.

Today I remember when Clare was first born and how much she loved having towels and blankets and socks piled around her. I think about my nephew who will soon be born and wrapped snugly in receiving blankets only to poop on them. How much newborn laundry his mom will have to do….how she won’t mind at all because it means he is here.

Today I can’t wipe the smile off my face.  Maybe it’s the extra vitamin D I received from spending most of the weekend outside.  Maybe it’s that I baked a batch of cookies without eating most of the batter.  Maybe it’s that I caught myself before ruining the recipe this time. Maybe it’s that the floor is dirty but I don’t have to clean it until Thursday.

Today I stand and stare at the forsythia that I cut from my garden – the first fruits. I stand and sip my coffee and wonder how nice it must be to be a flower in the Spring… that is unless you’re a flower with a terrible pollen allergy.

I think laundry Monday is quickly becoming my favorite day of the week…although…I’m not sure how anything can compare with napping Sunday.


7 responses

  1. having a designated task focus for every day of the week is my favorite method too. There’s an old song that lists off the days of the week and their corresponding tasks. Having a whole day for a task helps me focus on it and see it all the way to completion. (as in, laundry folded, sorted, tucked away neatly in drawers and closets. or cookies, bread, and casseroles filling my cupboards and fridge and the counters not looking like a flour explosion when im done.) A wonderful sense of accomplishment.

  2. This reminds me of the Ingalls family… they too had a day for everything… I remember washing day…. this is a great idea. I think I should implement it. I was hoping to do one load a day to tackle the laundry that way, but have yet to get caught up to the point that I could make that work. Your mom is so wise… hmmm… i think the circus is going to give this a try!

  3. I love that system (I got the idea from the Little House books) and it keeps me guilt free and able to enjoy the day without everything going to heck around the house. And you beautifully describe why starting the week with laundry is my choice too.

  4. I have no system whatsover, clean as little as possible, and have a handsome Italian that does all the laundry,folds it and puts it away.
    He also does yardwork and is an excelle t kisser. I mostly look at the dust tumbleweeds and think: someone ought to clean that up.

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