Breast Feeding Forever.

I didn’t have a problem breast feeding.  Clare was an excellent and natural nurser. She made it easy to breast feed and I’m extremely grateful for this.

I know that it is not this way for a lot of women.  They struggle to “let down” or their baby never latches on well. Whatever it is ends up causing them to stop nursing and start formula.

There are a ton of women I’ve talked to who feel guilty for not nursing, who feel ashamed of giving their children formula.  They were ridiculed in the hospital by the people who were supposed to help them – the lactation consultants who insisted they were giving up and that’s why they couldn’t nurse.

I heard about a lot of women who would take hours to do one feeding.  Clare is fast and efficient and we never take more than 15 minutes and then it’s back to fun.

I didn’t understand the struggle…I could only empathize with those who could not breast feed.  Like I said, it was easy for me for a lot of reasons.

Well, friends, I’ve hit a wall.  I can’t feed Clare.

It started at 4 months. “Are you feeding her solid foods yet?” or “What solid foods are you feeding her?”.

“Oh…I should get on that.” I would respond.

But when I started feeding Clare solids I was met with an upturned nose.

Every time I stuck the food in her mouth she would push it out with her tongue, slamming her fist on the high chair tray and wincing as if she had taken a big swig of whisky.

I tried letting her feed herself by loading up the spoon and letting her put it in her own mouth.  Same result.

Then I tried giving her a toy to chew on and then slipping it in whatever space was left in her mouth.

I even make noises to try and make her laugh. “Cooooookie. Cooooookie.” I would say like Cookie Monster.


I tried different foods.  They tell you not to feed them anything too sweet at first so they don’t get spoiled so I didn’t.  But then I got desperate and tried anything mild and sweet.

Sweet Potatoes…I got the tongue.



PEARS…the mildest and most delicious fruit…TONGUE! Wince. Spit. Gag.

I’ve been at this consistently every day for a month and a half and we’ve had no progress other than several food induced break downs. Still my little girl is a breast milk snob.

So, yes, I can breast feed but I might be doing it until she’s four.

On the other hand…aren’t these pictures cute?! She’s cute.


8 responses

  1. She is adorable!! What awesome photo opps these failed feeding attempts are!!

    At least you know she is getting good nourishment from you… I am sure in time you’ll find something she likes besides her Momma!

  2. Have you watered rice cereal until it’s really runny with breast milk? It’s probably a texture thing. She’ll work it out…. eventually:) No need to hurry! Cheerios and finger food are not too distant on the horizon! Maybe she’ll like that?

  3. There are so many different opinions about how and when to start feeding a baby food. Have you heard of the “tongue thrust reflex”? All babies have this reflex when they’re born – it helps them avoid ingesting things they shouldn’t be eating. They stick their tongues out when they get something in their mouth. Somewhere between 4 and 6 months this starts to fade and their strong gag reflex lessens as well. We didn’t start Rosemary on food until she was 6 and a half months…fortunately I only got one weird look for waiting so long 🙂 She’s been eating for a week now and likes rice cereal but she LOVES cheerios.

  4. When you have an infant, it seems as if their various stages will last and last and last forever. But this is not true and in the end, most mothers look back on their child’s life wishing to experience some stages again and grateful they survived other stages without pulling their hair out by the fistful.

    Breastfeeding is a gift and like all loving gifts, it requires some sacrifice. You have to be there, (or pump), your body is making milk which means you might need a nap now and then and have to be careful about what you eat and drink. But over a lifetime, the months of breastfeeding are like a blink. When it is over, you’ll miss the convenience, the closeness and the fact that you don’t gain wait after eating half of a cheesecake for your afternoon snack.

  5. Don’t worry – neither of my girls were even interested in food before 7-8 months, and didn’t ACTUALLY eat food (more then a couple spoonfuls) until almost a year. And they are both good eaters now (well – they are still toddlers, which means they eat when they want to, not when I want them too) but I would still call them good eaters.

  6. I didn’t start my kids on solid foods until 5.5 months and they still did the tounge thrust for many weeks. I would say really until about 9 months it is a struggle. Enjoy the nursing for now 🙂 As much as I disliked nursing at the time, I sure miss that bonding time!

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