Handmade: Burp Clothes

Babies spit up.

People are always asking me if the amount that Clare spits up is normal.

“Doesn’t seem to bother her.” I say or “She has fat rolls on her legs…I think she’s ok.”

She does spit up a lot. I’m often shocked myself but there is nothing you can really do about it but clean it up and bring 3 changes of clothes wherever you go.

We received some clothe diapers with little sweet birds sewn on them form Aunt Lizard who has made us a million different little things. I thought, “Oh…cute…we might use these.”

No…I’m serious.  We use them so much that they are worn out.  I literally can’t put a picture of them online because they have been used so much.

So I decided that this was the best baby gift ever.

I recently made these for a friends baby shower.

Their last name starts with H and they had like…a jungle theme or something. Plus they like Star Trek. So…that explains that one.

All it takes to make these is a little wonder under which cost about a dollar a yard at JoAnn Fabrics, a package of cloth diapers which cost 11 dollars at Walmart and scraps of fabric. Seriously. That’s all it takes and these are like the VIP of baby gifts.

Simply draw the design backward on the wonder under. Cut out the design and iron the wonder under on the back of the fabric. Make sure to put the glue side down so you don’t get it on your iron…bad…bleh… Then peel the wax layer off the wonder under and iron that to the cloth diaper. Finally use a tight zig zag stitch around the edge of the fabric.


This way when someone goes all wide-eyed when Clare pukes buckets down my shirt I can say, “Hey…but look at my burp cloth.” with a big smile.

In other part of my world: Who else cries during Biggest Loser? Oh ma gosh!


4 responses

  1. My grandma made me some like these and I too love em!! With one of my kids I had to drape the couch with a blanket when burping to prep for spit ups

  2. Biggest Loser. I cry every week without fail. Actually I gave myself a headache tonight trying to stop myself from crying- I should embrace my new mom hormones and let the tears flow!

    Nice burp cloths:) I needed one tonight when Biggest Loser made all of my mascara run down my face.

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