Fast Friends

My daughter is many things.

She is brilliant. She imitates sounds and engages with people and can basically blow your kid out of the water. (say I with a sheepish grin)

She is super athletic. She turned from front to back at 2 months. Back to front at 3 and a half months and stands easily on her own sturdiness. Even now at 5 and half months she is scooting forward.

She is independent and plays cheerfully next to me while I work.

She is cautious and terribly observant.

She is beautiful.

But of all things Clare is not the type to just let anyone in. You have to earn her love and that is a sure thing. Our dear friend Jackie is dating a guy that Clare just can’t seem to warm up to. She just doesn’t seem to trust guys that shave. Don’t ask me why. I was the opposite as an infant. Clare’s like, “What?! I’m scared of you! Where’s your face fur?!”.

She loves me and her daddy and the family members she sees often and men with beards but anyone else is closed off from Clare’s affection until she gives them the go…and that could take months.

This week I got together with my friend to make baby food. Our kids are close in age but completely different in personality…not to say that both do not have a TON of personality, just different types.

Ben is a lovely, warm, friendly kid with plenty of love to spare. As far as I’ve seen he is unintimidated by new people and joyfully accepts with open arms. He is extremely social, which may explain why he hates sleeping. Clare needs her time alone but Ben? … not so much.

Last time we had a play date they basically laid next to each other and look to us for direction. This time they played and rolled and this is my favorite part:

We were both holding our babies and talking in the kitchen while sweet potatoes were boiling away. Suddenly Clare leans over to Ben with her arms wide. I let her lead me closer to him (me thinking I had to be ready when she made a swipe for his face and then started to scream as if SHE had been hit). She gently put her arms around his shoulders and hugged him.



Ben was shocked and I have to say so was I.

Clare rarely does that to anyone but Andrew.

Then I realized something.

Ben was teaching Clare … She is learning to be kind and welcoming from her little friend. Play dates are teaching my daughter how to love.

Thanks Ben and Katie. Now I owe you for the squash, the Italian sub and the love.

In other parts of my world: Why peas? They smell like dogs breath.


3 responses

  1. so sweet. there is no doubt in my mind that her hug, while a gesture of love and friendship, was likely of a motherly nature. I’m continually astounded how early nurturing genes kick in(esp in girlies) and being as advanced as Clare is, I’m quite sure she was taking care of her young male counterpart. she knew he needed her.

    Liam’s friend Emma, 2 months his junior, still calls him, “baby” and looks after him like a mother hen. and she’s good too. a natural.

    no doubt Clare comes by her nurturing way honestly–after all, she comes from and hangs out all day with one of God’s best mothers.

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