Clare and I had ourselves a fun day of baby food making yesterday.  Basically I had a ton of carrots I was dying to get rid of.

So we chopped and boiled and mashed.

The spoils.

Everything in my kitchen turned a pale shade of orange.

I put all of the boiled carrot mush into little baby sized containers so that I could freeze them.

Then I pushed all the carrot peels down the disposal…And clogged the sink, which then started to leak.


So this morning I thought that most certainly something wonderful would come out of the complete disaster area that is my kitchen…

I sat down with great anticipation and Clare politely refused the carrots.

When I tried shoving them in her mouth she stuck her tongue out at me.

Then she ripped her bib off and started sobbing.

I’m going to be breast feeding this kid until she goes to school…


8 responses

  1. Just make sure you alternate some food of another color with the carrots or sweet potatoes. Otherwise, her nose will turn orange….I swear…I’ve seen it happen…

  2. I second Joe… I turned my kids orange before!!
    Don’t fret (not that you really seem the fretting type) just b/c she refused them this time doesn’t mean she’ll never like them. Also a tip, which you may or may not need, since you are so clever yourself, but someone told me somewhere along the line that they put their home made baby food in ice cube trays, then after they freeze, they just pop em out and put em all in a freezer bag… gives you great baby sized servings, and easy to store. Just thought I’d pass it along in case you were interested!

  3. yeah, I used ice cube trays and they were super handy.

    was it wrong that I put a little sugar in the foods he didn’t care for? yum!

  4. Dilute it with cereal, and don’t give up! They don’t always like it the first time. She’ll be great at eating before you know it, and then you’ll be annoyed about having to bring real food when you go somewhere.

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