The Difference A Day Makes

We’re back to the rash people.

I swear it’s like we have a really horrible house guest that we just can’t get rid of.  This stupid rash is actually making me mad. Every day it gets worse and it sticks it big, red, inflamed and crusty tongue out at me.

“Oh yeah, Rash?! You wanna fight!? Bring it!”

I’m going to show you the difference between her rash yesterday and today.

Yesterday - all our troubles seemed so far away.

Today - now I need a place to hide away.

Two weeks ago during the snow storm we thought it was an allergic reaction (I stopped eating nuts and milk – self diagnosis – didn’t work) and when we took her to the doctor they said, “It was NOT chicken pox.” No fever and no discomfort. Whew!

So last week, when it didn’t go away, we (meaning Andrew, me and our wonderful pediatrician) determined it was a post-viral rash. Not an allergic reaction. Yay!

Monday we, after it got worse with the application of every cream known to man kind, changed our minds and decided it was a really bad systemic fungal thing.

Today…I’m confused. We’re going to see a dermatologist but I’m worried that my baby girl will soon be cover…absolutely COVERED… in these yucky spot.


Today. She sees to feel the same way.

I got four words Rash.






3 responses

  1. Have they checked for some kind of staph infection? I break out like that under my arms every now and again and that’s what it is for me. Don’t wanna say that’s what it is or bring you any unnessary worry, just a thought.

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