New Release

I’m extremely excited to announce that I am finally putting out a new album. It’s called Leave A Light ON.

Over the last 3 years (I know. Long time.) Rob Levit and I have been creating and recording 5 songs that fuse jazz and folk music and explore new images and ideas about spirituality and God. We’re so happy to share this project with you. It’s been a long time in the making but something we are both exceptionally proud of. We hope you enjoy it as much as we have.

I just sent everything off in the mail so it should be available on iTunes in the next couple weeks. In order to keep costs down we decided to do a strictly digital release. Plus it makes us super green. Yay! Polar Bears.

The cover art was done by Eric Nebbia, my dear brother, who also did the cover art for my last album Comet Child. I love what he came up with. It’s simply crazy and poetic as well. Thank you Eric.

We recorded this album with a friend, John Wenger, who has a studio in East Baltimore. Any of you blooming songwriters out there should really consider getting your demos and albums done with John. He’ll give you a clean and professional product as opposed to a shoddy sounding recording you did on your phone. It’s worth the money. He’s extremely talented and a joy to work with. He easily adapts to any style and has the best quality sound for an unbeatable price. Thank you John.

I recorded this in the middle of my pregnancy with Clare and while it was difficult to sing and snack at the same time I will always remember this project fondly because Clare was present and a huge part of it.

Please consider making this project part of your life sound track. It’s certainly a part of mine.


4 responses

  1. Finally! I can’t wait to hear it.

    The cover looks great; It’s always fun making a mess for you!

    But what’s this about new ideas and images? I thought the inspiration for this album came from the writings of ancient Greek mystics.

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