I wanted to update everyone on the mysterious rash that appeared on Clare during the last snow storm.

I realized that I just kinda left that one hanging.

Y’all people are probably thinking that Clare is on her death bed.  But she’s not.She does on the other hand have a nasty weirdo rash.

It wasn’t going away so we took her back to the doctor last week.

To be honest we’re like the Rash Family.

I get weird rashes from nothing every once and a while and Andrew … well … have you ever heard of a little lovely thing called eczema?  Well if you haven’t, Andrew can introduce you sometime – he has a level 4 reaction to dust mites that results in painful and itchy eczema.

So when Clare got a rash we were not surprised but we DID want to get to the bottom of it.

It was also not a surprise that the pediatrician we saw on Friday had no clue what was wrong with her.

“Chicken Pox?”, said the doctor as if it wouldn’t make me crazy.


“Maybe bugs?” Andrew said.



So we were told to slather our adorable daughter with an antibiotic lotion all weekend and come back on Monday.

Our doctor, who we love, told us about how she had heard about Clare (she had not seen her Friday) and she had thought about her all weekend.

With one look she said, “This is a post viral rash.”

“Oh. That makes sense because she had her first cold the week before all these little nasty bumps showed up.”

“There you go.”

I wanted to ask her to be my doctor. I have a feeling she isn’t taking new adult patients.

Sorry for leaving everyone out of the loop.  Welcome back in the loop.


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  1. Rashes are the worst, they’re always mysterious. Leah’s 18 months old now and we’re still trying to figure out why she has eczema. I hope it’s not dust mites, we probably have a lot of those in our house 🙂

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